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Student Life Awards

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Many student leaders admit that their growth as leaders is aided by a combination of responsibility and mentorship. I pursued leadership with a similar clarity: “I wanted to serve, and I wanted to belong.”

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Serving diverse graduate students

"Serve as a voice and an agent of change in making the student society more accepting and supportive," I feel is part of my duty. When it came to the practicalities of gaining one's footing, most leaders took small steps. "I started small, becoming active on campus, and then applied to situations I observed on a worldwide scale." My mindset was and continues to be that I only have so many years left as a student, and I want to make the most of every learning opportunity that comes my way."


Graduate Student’s Society (GSS)

The Graduate Students' Society (NUSGSS) grew from a 16 member core team to a 75 member team comprising of Interest groups, Placement team, Internship team, Alumni mentorship, the Graduate student representatives, Mission India team, and other projects. We initially started with identifying the unique talents and skillsets of our ExCo members and designed the events and initiatives that synergize with our vision, this way we were able to do an impactful job, happily.


A leader needs to dream a vision, communicate the vision and persuade his/her team to live that dream. I have learned a lot of life lessons through this impeccable journey. GSS is an opportunity for leaders to learn soft skills which are not generally thought in Academia and this was the best playground I got to play.


  • Collaborated with CFG in reaching out to students and promoting the program.

  • We worked with Yale NUS and the Business School to develop an optimal framework for our career ambitions.

  • We were also the sole student body representatives at NUSGS's (Grad. school) inaugural open house, which was particularly geared for Grad students.

  • To recruit the 45 GSRs, we worked with all the departments of NUS to embrace diversity.

  • We met with several Deans and Vice-Provosts over coffee to gauge their support and offer recommendations for our projects. 

  • We collaborated with CLC to organize the Singapore 3MT nationals and train our students to participate in the finals. NUS came first in the nationals and our student is participating in the international competition

  • Collaborated with NTU and SUTD GSAs for our Project SPADES initiative

  • Collaborated with NUS GRIP, CFG, Entrepreneur First and SG Innovate for our Internship day 

  • Collaborated with various companies (60 total) for Internship and Placement day

  • Initiated dialogues with Strait Times to publicize our initiatives

  • For numerous gift programs, we collaborated with KFC and Starbucks.

  • GSS's National 3MT Competition was held in collaboration with NTU and SUTD.

  • To generate funds for Mission India, we collaborated with TiE Singapore and and raised more than 1 Million+ Dollars.

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