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tent stay

have always been an avid traveller. Have tented in Shimla for over 10 days and our set of friends were the adventurous type. 

We have travelled almost all states in India, north-east, Ladakh, Western ghats etc. We always preferred staying in a tent, as it brought us closer to nature.


On one such trip we wanted to create a resort in Ooty with just tents. 


We maneuvered the though government processes, bought tents, found the perfect (most beatiful location) location for rent but COVID happened and we had to shut that down.

  1. CAPEX of this is very low 

  2. We only tent based on the number of guests - improving the tent life

  3. We have a plastic based movable toilets that need very less maintenance 

  4. Our only construction was a office cum lounge area, where people can play carrom board, board games, foose ball, etc.

  5. Oh, btw we had free Coffee 24x7. Really good coffee.

It had a very high Return to Investment ratio initially and we even got discount from WildCraft for the tents. 

If we had persisted, the revenge travellers would have given us atleast 5X return. 

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