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ISRO 2017-19

Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO), Govt. of India

Scientist SC, Electronics Systems Group, LPSC

August 2017 - June 2019


PPCU - 75mN

• Static Plasma Thrusters (Electric propulsion) are used for NSSK(station keeping) operation and orbit rising for GSAT satellites(13 Nos in service). Lifetime of spacecraft increases by switching to electric propulsion from liquid engines.

• Designed, developed, tested PPCU (Power Processing and Control Unit) for 75mN SPT using state of the art ZVS topology. Flight qualification tests are in progress.

• Achieved 90% efficiency for a 1.6/3.3KW switchable constant voltage module with different output voltages. Current sharing algorithm was introduced for module level redundancy.

• Incorporated optimised mechanical, thermal, structural design for lowest weight and volume.

• Completed integrated testing of package along with thruster for 1 hour continuously.


Self Healing Circuit

• Open interconnect faults in PCBs are critical elements of operation reliability in space grade electronic circuits. Redundancy in tracks comes with its own limitations. Novel method to heal critical tracks once a open fault is detected was developed.

• Researched on dielectrophoresis, dipole dipole interaction responsible for bridge formation in copper silicone oil mixture. Copper particles form bridges when subjected to electric field
• Characterisation of bridge strength, resistance, time of formation was done for different electric fields for multiple track dimensions on an exposed PCB. 1

• Automated testing setup was developed using PCI-GPIB(C# program) interface with Multimeters and Voltage sources. Around 300 tests for different voltage, concentration, track dimensions were carried out. Tests were repeated for thermal and vibration environments.

• Designed, developed and tested a controller circuit used to detect open fault and initiate healing sequence for support upto 4 channels.


High Power BLDC driver

• Gas generator turbine pumps are replaced by BLDC based fuel, oxidiser pumps (40,000 RPM)

Designed 37 KW BLDC driver for pump; thermal management was done by placement of package in plume divergent shadow and regenerative cooling

• Designed the circuit schematic, layout and routed PCB for FPGA based controller cum driver circuit with 1553 communication interface


Propulsion Health Management System(PHMS)

• PHMS is critical for Human rating of launch vehicle. Vehicle telemetry data is processed real-time to generate health parameters

• Implemented Simulink model of N regulator in DSP F2812 using C language

Convener, Test Results Review Committee(TRRC) Nov 2017- June 2019

• Committee responsible for clearance of electronic packages for PSLV based on designer level test results

Convener, Local Salvage Committee(LSC) Nov 2017- Present

• Committee responsible for salvage of Non conformances in electronic packages for PSLV

Task team leader, Hackathon event

Dec 2017

• 42 students of 8th and 9th grade students were selected from schools across Kerala through a two level examination conducted online

• Responsible for design of workshop curriculum, design of experiments

Convener, Smart Canteen Task team Feb 2018

• Committee responsible for introduction of mobile coupon vending machine

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